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  1. Hey man!
    i have none of these problems. but i was trying to figure out how to install Google play!. or perhaps even root the device and upgrade the o.s. Any clue how to go about doing that??

    • Hello Mahatma,

      As you know that BSNL Penta IS701R operates on Android 2.3 which comes with Google Market. So installing Google Play will be of no use.

      I was also trying to root the IS701R but there was few problems which I had like the device doesn’t have “Development” option under “Setting” and doesn’t supports the USB Debugging.

      Upgradation of OS is possible by following the above steps. But the main issue is to get the Image of OS. I hope there will be a solution for this in future.

      Thanks and Regards.

  2. Hello Saifuddin Danish,

    My bsnl IS701R tablet has the wifi problem, that it’s wifi gets switched off automatically… I have done the similar procedure which is sent by Pantel technologies. but the problem still persists.. Kindly post any other alternative if you know. Thank you…. 🙁

    • Hey Srinu,

      It’s really sad that you still have the problem. Have you burned the image files correctly on SD Card ? Actually most of the people does mistake on this phase. If the answer is yes, have you got the success message after following the instructions on the tab?

      Thanks and Regards.

    • Hello Saifuddin Danish!
      My tablet device (BSNL IS701R) is hanging while booting Android OS, I did the everything as you mentioned, in my 2GB Micro SD card .. first of all it become only 750MB SD card from 2GB. Main problem is while booting from SD card it is showing “Update Package is damage” and force me to do restart. But same problem is exist. What will I do?

      With best regards.

      • Hello Farhan,

        Try to soft reset the device from reset button given in the back panel of your t-pad. After that do the upgrade process again. It will work.

        To get back the actual memory size of your Micro SD Card, format it by HP Formating Tool which is freely available on the internet.

        Thanks and Regards.

      • hi friends………
        check this…
        100% working for bsnl is701r….
        try to burn the image file in windows xp…
        if u try the procedure in other versions like win7 or somthing it display “update package damaged”
        if this works plzzzz tel mi…..by..

  3. hi this is mansoor , i use bsnl penta 703c my tab got locked by entering wrong pattern for several times . the problem now is wifi is in off state i am unable to login using my gmail login id and password error message no internet connection is displayed pls help

    • Hello Mansoor,

      If you are not able to recall the pattern which you had created or wi-fi is not working, in both cases you need to reinstall the OS. Actually I don’t have the Image file of BSNL Penta IS703C. Kindly go to nearest service centre of Pantel Technologies, they will help you.

      Thanks and Regards.

  4. Hey Friends i was facing the similar wifi Turning off error.
    Wi-Fi not working
    Wi-Fi switching off and on its own

    After Upgrade Its working fine ..!!
    thanks for the solution..

    Note : Your SD Card should be 2 GB…!

    • Hello Hafiz,

      Congratulations! Yes, You need a Micro SD Card of 1GB or 2GB. Your card will become 750MB after burning the image file.

      To get back the actual memory size of your Micro SD Card, format it by HP Formating Tool which is freely available on the internet.

      Thanks and Regards.

  5. hey my name is amit koli
    my tablet hangs on showing android logo…
    i tried to upgrde software…shows error update package is damaged
    i tried by reseting..also not working..
    i am using the nokia sd card -NOKIA 16GB Class10

        • hey..i started out the tablet one more questions..
          HDMI SUPPORTS..
          1) Dual display-not supported this tab
          2) project mode-looks small in hd lcd tv
          3)normal mode- no signal (showing error).
          what to do …please help to make to start at normal mode to view full screen in lcd hd tv….

          • hey i am not telling about player …when i connect the tab to lcd tv with an hdmi port it shows but in small in size in the project mode and tab doesnt displays anything on it….
            hoe to connect in normal mode….
            Are u having this penta tab…?

  6. salam saif,

    i have done the exact same thing you said but my penta is not booting from the sd card. i tried doing it after pressing the reset button but still its not booting.
    plz help me out


  7. dear friend, my penta 703c tablet displays a dialer screen asking to dial emergency nos and get locked for further operation, does not accepting any number during startup period,what should i do .

  8. 7. Check for the Micro SD Card: If you have inserted a Micro SD Card. In the same window select your Micro SD Card “Choose an SD Drive”

    In this, there is no choise to select micro sd card

  9. Ive done whatever you have said but i think it is hanged on booting from sd from 15 minutes. I wanted to know how much time it takes to boot

  10. Let me start from begining i was watching a movie and i pressed power button to lock it, but when i tried to unlock it, it doesnt respond in sliding lock then i pressed power button for 7 sec to switch off then i tried 2 times to power on but it showed nothing only black screen at 3rd time it started but was only showing welcome screen of penta and bsnl. So ive tried to reinstall OS as tutorial given by you but after booting from sd it showed me image is damaged. Then i format my sd card and burn image and insert card into tablet this time it was showing nothing after booting from sd lights were on but it was showing black screen ive waited for 5 min but nothing happened ive switch off it and again tried same procedure format card,burn image but this time it stopped in booting from sd ive waited for around 30 min but colour orange was blinking at irregular like flash then i power off it. Now you know whole problem and i wanted to add some more details, tablet was not responding on pressing power button after 3 to 6 times in a gap of 5 minutes i was able to do the following and ive tried reset button in each attempt. My questions, why it is not responding in pressing power button. After burning you have said it wont show any file in card but what about memory space will it show in that. Do i have to burn image file in each attempt. My tablet is having hdmi slot do you want me to try without hdmi software. Please help me because if i go to service centre it will take around 15 days to repair it

  11. just figured out the problem of “Update package is damaged” its due to SD card formatting issue..FAT and NTFS..first format with HP formatting tool then burn 2 times it works..

  12. Hi,

    I have downloaded the software from windows 7 …after completion of the said process i inserted sd card in the penta tab but the same hanging window is shown …the software is not recognized ,please help me in this regard
    Thank you 🙂

  13. When i start the tpad to recover it shows no Factory Image found try recovery from sd card.
    But also its not able to read from sd as well.
    Tried hard reset but same error “No Factory Image Found”.

    • Dear Mr. Bhisham

      Kindly insure that the size of Micro SD Card will be increased after burning the files. If it’s not working please try to format it with HP Formatting Tool. Then burn the files on the Micro SD Card again.

      Thanks and Regards

  14. My bsnl IS701R tablet has problem while booting, Its get hang at the time of booting and doesnot start. Before formatting or reseting tablet, I want to take backup of data which is present in the tablet. how to take the backup as my tablet is not getting started.

    • Dear Mr. Amruta

      To get the backup try this. Press Switch Off and Volume Up keys both in same time. Then Connect your Tab to System by using your OTG Cable. You may get the Memory Card under Removable Disks on your System.

      Thanks and Regards

  15. Hi……. I am Prashant
    I have downloaded the software. For burning, I have connected the sd card but the software doesn’t show the sd card.
    pls help me

    • Dear Mr. Prashant

      The files would not show in the Memory Card. Kindly insure that the size of Micro SD Card will be increased after burning the files. If it’s not working please try to format it with HP Formatting Tool. Then burn the files on the Micro SD Card again.

      Thanks and Regards

  16. Hi,

    When I switch on my Penta IS701R with SD card (2GB), the login screen says “Booting from SD card…” and after few seconds another message pops up: “The update package is demaged. Press power button for 7s to reboot”.

    So every time I boot, I have to remove the card and re-insert once the tablet boots up.

    Is there a way to bypass this so that I can boot the tablet with the card plugged in?


    • Dear Afshan

      Kindly put your Tab on charge for 30 Minutes. Then do a Soft Reset by pressing the key given at back side of your Tab. If that does not work, kindly go to the service center.

      Thanks and Regards


  18. HI…I done all the above process….but in my tab nothing happened…it struct with same boot image(android_)
    can u help me….pls???

  19. Hello Sir, I am Prashant
    I have a penta is701r tablet. Now, problem is that the tablet doesn’t recognise memory. Internel memory shows 0.00 byte and memory card is not read by the device. So, I think to update the software. As you mentioned above, I had downloaded the software both with HDMI and without Hdmi. And then I opened the IUWI.2 file and inserted a formatted 2 gb micro sd card. But the software shows “No removable Media”. so I’m not able to burn the files….
    plz help me………………..

  20. Sir, now it works…………… actually its a window problem.. i have reinstalled my pc’s window, then it works…
    thanks for your software…………….

    but i want to know can i connect my tab to internet using mobile phone (( nokia c2-03 )) ??????? IF yes then how can i connect????

  21. My card reader not showing in the upgrade software.but it reads in pc.reader is v2.0.why this happen?i tried to upgrade because my touch calibration is not working after resetting tab.it is showing try again.what i do?

  22. Hi
    I’m using BSNL penta IS701C tab. It is not recognizing “sdcard”.. I’m not able to download anything… not even simple pdf files…. wat shall I do?? Will drivers updstion will help? I rebooted the system .. but no use… plz tel me full procedure to fix this…. it recognizing pendrive and data cards through pendrive slot.. only sdcard slot showing problem….
    Looking farward to hear from u…. 🙂

  23. all the steps worked fine for me.. but having problem with wifi connection.. its getting on and off.. rest the tablet is working well.. can u pls sugest a solution for WIFI please.

  24. Hi,

    I have penta tablet 701r. I am facing problem with the tablet while starting it up, it is showing black screen with Android_ . I tried resetting it but it is not working, so i was trying by installing new image but that software is not detecting any of the card it is not showing any removable disc whil burning image please help.i have already formatted memory card with Hp formatting tool. Please advice.

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